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While the gift of your presence in our lives is the perfect present, we know that not everyone could make it in person to our big day. As we combine our homes we've realized we're lucky enough to have all the basic physical items we need to truly start our life together. We dream of the day when international travel regulations have been lifted & are praying for the opportunity to visit Costa Rica or Europe for our honeymoon this summer!

You're probably thinking a present you'll need to bring,
But just your presence will mean everything!
In God & each other we have all we'll ever require,
But if you insist, there is one thing we aspire.
With special travel plans to follow our big day,
A small gift of currency would help us on our way.
There's no need to go overboard or rob a bank;
Whatever your gift, it will be received with many thanks!
*Honeymoon Fund is on the registry if you wish to contribute*

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If a physical gift is more your style, we’ve added a few items to our wishlist that we’d love to display in our home & think of you every time we use them!
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Leah Bisch